"Thank you Dr. Kaufman for placing new life in my legs after 30 years of deadness and pain."

"Dr. Kaufman] really cares about my problem. I've gotten life back."
- Sarah

"I am truly impressed that my bulging veins are not there anymore."
- Touba

"I have struggled with varicose veins for over 25 years before running into Dr. Kaufman. Prior to my vein closure with Dr. Kaufman, I had my veins stripped and injected with saline. These procedures were costly and painful. The veins returned—leaving my legs more painful and tired than before. I can’t praise Dr. Kaufman and his staff enough. His procedure was gentle and quick. My legs feel amazing!! I carry Dr. Kaufman’s business cards with me and would recommend Total Vein Care to anyone. They are the best!!”
- Malina Knable, Fort Collins CO

"After 29 years of teaching, I was rewarded with a wonderful case of spider veins on both legs. As if teaching was not reward enough, I was now permitted to wear jeans or slacks year around because the dark patches of the spider veins were so embarrassing. To make matters worse, I was living in Phoenix during this time.

After I retired and moved to Fort Collins, my gynecologist noticed my legs and told me that if I was interested in having the spider veins removed that I should see Dr. Kaufman. It took me a few months to work up the courage but I finally made an appointment for a consultation. From the very moment I met Dr. Kaufman his demeanor and relaxed manner of talking made me feel completely at ease. He explained the options that were available to me and suggested what he thought should be the best course of action to give the best results. He suggested I should select to undergo sclerotherapy, although he did say that because of the severity of the veins that I should not expect them to be totally eliminated.

After undergoing an ultrasound to eliminate the possibility of having venous reflux, I scheduled my first appointment to start sclerotherapy. After following Dr. Kaufman's advice, I am now perfectly happy and satisfied with the results of his treatment. Once again I am able to wear shorts and enjoy the summer weather. I like to say that ‘Before I visited Dr. Kaufman I was oh so vain. But after he performed his magic, I am now vein free and loving it.’"

-Barbara Connolly, Fort Collins, Colorado

"When I met with Dr. Kaufman, he clearly explained the differences in treatment methods, showing me pictures and diagrams, and suggested trying different procedures on each leg. First, I had laser surgery on my left leg, and a couple of weeks later, I had the Closure® radio frequency procedure on my right leg.

Well, my recovery was much faster with the radio frequency surgery. The Closure® was much less painful than laser surgery, and there was less swelling and bruising. With the radio frequency surgery, I was able to walk on my right leg and resume my normal, everyday activities within a day or two of the Closure® procedure.

Throughout both procedures, I was comfortable and felt the staff and Dr took good care of me. In fact, Dr.Kaufman said if I had any problems, to just call him and he gave me his cell phone number. I thought that was very considerate of him. He's very caring towards his patients, always gives them the opportunity to call him, even if it's after hours.

Those leg vein procedures were done nearly two years ago and the results are great! I don't have any unsightly varicose veins anymore, or pain or discomfort. It wasn't until I had the surgeries that I realized how much pain and discomfort I had been enduring. I have recommended Dr. Kaufman already and would definitely recommend him again."

-Wendy Givens, Fort Morgan, Colorado

"To say that Dr. Kaufman and his staff are great would be a huge understatement!

I am somewhat of a high-maintenance patient and I have been completely happy with the professional, compassionate care that I have received. From my very first visit, I knew I was in good hands.

My initial reason for seeing Dr. Kaufman was purely cosmetic. Spider veins were beginning to be unsightly, so getting rid of them was my plan. Wondering "what is the best treatment for spider veins" I consulted Dr. Kaufman. He first wanted to make sure there were no other underlying problems. The ultrasound showed that I would benefit from a vein closure procedure before taking care of the spider veins.

This of course, was not part of my "get beautiful legs" plan and I had some anxiety about it. Dr. Kaufman was completely understanding of my fears and explained everything thoroughly. The procedure did not in any way compare to what I had conjured up in my mind; it was over quickly and was painless. After a short recovery, Dr. Kaufman took care of my spider veins and I couldn't be happier!"

- Lori Scott, Fort Collins, Colorado